James Perkins and Sophie Taylor. Ayhnoe Park, Ayhhoe, Northamptonshire. January 2021.

Ethan Ennals. London. December 2022.

Alex James. Oxfordshire. March 2020.

Al Murray photographed at the George IV public house in Chiswick, West London. July 2022.

Jeremy Vine. London. February 2020.

Henry Deedes. Swanage. August 2021.

Apprentice winner Tim Campbell. Lee Valley Athletics Centre, North London. July 2022.

Petra Ecclestone. Chelsea. September 2021.

Courtney Massay. Hertfordshire. January 2022.

Charlie Higson. Gloucester. June 2013.

Aldo Zilli. Surrey. September 2020.

Dr Jenna Macciochi. Hove. February 2022.

Sinead Watson who transitioned into a man in 2015, had bitter regrets and now passes as a woman again. Glasgow. March 2022

Jodie Kidd. West Sussex. January 2020.

Maria Thompson and dogs. Seaton, Leicestershire. January 2022.

Leanda de Lisle. Leicestershire. June 2022.

Bear Grylls. Manchester. December 2016.

Adam Frost. Lincolnshire. May 2020.

Professor Katie Ewer. Oxford. July 2021.

Claire Gilbert. Hastings. March 2021.

Gary Goldsmith. Regents Park. April 2021.

Michael Mosley. Beaconsfield. October 2016.

Ben Cohen and Kristina Rhanoff .Northampton. October 2013.

Dr Ash Subramanian. Hastings. February 2021.

Alex James. Oxfordshire April 2020.

Sir Ian Botham and wife Kathy. North Yorkshire. August 2020.

Ian Hislop. Gloucester. June 2013.

John Stapleton. London. May 2020.

Author Nancy Revell. Witney, Oxfordshire. November 2021

Judy Murray and Anton Du Beke. Elstree. September 2014.

Dr Jay Jayamohan. Oxford. February 2020.

Lady Laura Cash. Shropshire. February 2017.

All Photographs © Damien McFadden 2022.
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